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Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc., publishes 2 bimonthly journals, both of which are indexed in PubMed/MEDLINE:

The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (JCP), founded in 1939, is a printed “hybrid” journal, meaning it has both print and online-only content with each issue. JCP posts new material weekly and is printed in even months, eg, January/February issue.

Th​e Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders (PCC), founded in 1998, is an online-only journal with weekly online postings of new material. Whereas JCP targets psychiatrists and other providers of mental health care, PCC expands the scope of JCP by reaching primary care physicians and other health care professionals who treat patients with mental and neurologic illnesses.

Advertising can be placed in JCP print issues, on any of the family of sites, and in many of our outreach services, including emails and podcasts. For information regarding our readership, metrics, ad specs, and who to contact, see Print Advertising and/or Electronic Advertising.

Print Advertising Information

Entire 4-page 2022 Rate Sheet

  1. MEDIA PLANNERS: See pages 1 and 2
  2. MATERIALS SUPPLIERS: See pages 3 and 4

Contact for further information

Readership and Ad Exposure

JCP, in its more than 80-year history of publishing original peer-reviewed research, has focused on practicing clinical psychiatrists and health care providers in the behavioral and neural sciences. Your ads are most likely to reach the highest prescribers of neurotropic medications, who make up JCP’s mail list.

JCP is the world’s most-cited independent, indexed, clinical psychiatry journal with an Impact Factor of 4.4 and over 22,000 citations annually (2021 Journal Citation Reports).

Advertising Principles

Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc., adheres to the highest ethical standards when interspersing advertisements throughout the journal: (1) placement is held in the strictest confidence; (2) ads on a specific drug or topic are not placed immediately adjacent to editorial material of the same; (3) for non-premium positions, ads are rotated throughout the book from issue to issue.

Electronic Advertising

Our websites offer display advertising throughout their JCP, PCC, and CME pages and in their respective Elerts (electronic email alerts):

  • Our sites receive over 240,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Elerts are sent to over 35,500 opt-in mental health professionals seeking informational emails about our journals and online CME activities.

Electronic Advertising Spec Sheet

Electronic Advertising Policy

More about our Elerts including current Elerts

Contact for more information, including electronic advertising rates on

Classified Advertising

Find the right person for the right job—use Physicians Postgraduate Press’s CNS Job Market!

Recruiters who place Classifieds in Physicians Postgraduate Press’s CNS Job Market can now self-manage their online job postings and gain access to resumes of qualified candidates. Recruiters are encouraged to post their classified ads regarding job openings in the fields of psychiatry, neurology, primary care, family medicine, internal medicine, pharmaceutical, nursing, and other disciplines. Visit the CNS Job Market to see all the opportunities this job site offers.

The CNS Job Market also allows recruiters to advertise in print issues of The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Please see our Print Classified Ad Rate Sheet or contact us at for more information on placement options and rates.

Conference Ads

Available as Print or Web ads. For Web ads, contact For Print ads, see the Rate Sheet for pricing and mechanical requirements or contact

Platform Awareness Campaigns offers special outreach and distribution packages to meet your needs. We can fully host and promote your program or market it to the more than 70,000 registered users of our website and the 35,500 subscribers to our emails.

Web services:

  • Web ads
  • Google ads
  • email campaigns
  • Landing pages for educational series

Print services:

  • Print ads
  • Polybag delivery
  • QR codes
  • Specialized printing and publication

For more information, contact Lee Harrington at

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