Information for Reviewers

Manuscripts that meet the Journal’s scope and submission criteria are sent to expert consultants for peer review.

Conflict of Interest

Reviewers who have a financial or personal conflict of interest related to a manuscript are obligated to decline the reviewer position.

Processing of Peer Reviews

The peer review process is conducted using the electronic submission system used for manuscripts. Potential reviewers are queried in advance about their availability. While reviewers are asked to complete their reviews within 3 weeks of receiving the manuscript, more expeditious turnaround is highly valued. If you would like to be a peer reviewer, please send your CV to


The reviewers' identities are not revealed, and strict confidentiality regarding the submitted manuscript is maintained. Reviewers must not keep copies of the manuscripts they review or discuss any of the information or data with others.

Circle of Honor

Peer review is essential to a medical journal, and each year, those peer reviewers who have carried the heaviest load and reviewed the greatest number of manuscripts are recognized as members of the Journal’s Circle of Honor.

The Circle of Honor is the Journal’s acknowledgment of the indispensable contribution—the dedication, scholarship, and scientific rigor—generously donated by these individuals in the past year.

Circle of Honor

Joseph Biederman

Carlos Blanco

Maurizio Fava

Lucas Giner

Joseph F. Goldberg

Jorge Lopez-Castroman

Manish Kumar Jha

John M. Kane

James W. Murrough

Mark Olfson

Emilie Olié

Anthony J. Rothschild

A. John Rush

Stefanie J. Schmidt

Nina R. Schooler