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Make Mindful Connections

Telehealth for your psychiatry and mental health practice.

Telehealth with is a premier clinical communications tool that unites patients with providers in a simple and secure online environment.


HIPAA-Compliant Communications

Easy access to a suite of compliant tools including hi-def video and audio, file transfer, and file management.


Simple Patient Engagement

Patients can easily join a call by clicking an invite, or send and receive texts for efficient Q&A, receive and respond to provider initiated texts. There's no sign-up, download, or app installation required.


Timely, Dependable Insights

Export usage reports that include CPT codes via your dashboard. This makes processing reimbursements and billing faster and easier.

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Telehealth with is the solution to meet your patients online.

A Robust Telehealth Platform That's More Than Just Video

Text with Patients

Send and receive HIPAA-compliant text chats with patients from within the system. This can include appointment notices or simple exchanges between meetings.

Secure File Sharing

Upload and share documents, including parsed CCDs, and trust the files and enclosed private patient information is protected.

Convenience for Everyone

When everyone's busy, telehealth appointments fit conveniently into just about every schedule. Connect safely, and more comfortably, over video from wherever you may be in your day.

Improved Outcomes

Connecting with patients remotely can make a difference in patient care, disease management, and outcomes that improve their quality of life and your satisfaction as a provider.

Telehealth is the Future of Medicine

This digital model makes a positive impact on healthcare delivery and outcomes.


83% of depression and anxiety patients reported recovery following live video therapy paired with online CBT. 1

Health utilization costs reduced one-year post-telehealth intervention, compared to in-person treatment. 2


82% of patients considered a virtual visit as good as an in-person visit by a clinician. 2 1

0 difference in patient satisfaction, treatment credibility, or QOL in patients receiving in-person care vs telehealth. 3


Geriatric psychiatry services increased ~ 20% in outpatient visits because of ease of access. 4

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Telehealth with is the singular solution to meet your patients online.