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Volume 76-2

February 2015

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Residual Symptoms in Major Depressive Disorder: Prevalence, Effects, and Management [Academic Highlights]

Gender-Specific Suicide Risk Factors: A Case-Control Study of Individuals With Major Depressive Disorder

Effect of Baseline Anxious Depression on Initial and Sustained Antidepressant Response to Ketamine

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Multicomponent Smoking Cessation Treatment Including Mobile Contingency Management in Homeless Veterans

Impact of Childhood Life Events and Childhood Trauma on the Onset and Recurrence of Depressive and Anxiety Disorders

The Effect of Mental Illness and Psychotropic Medication on Gametes and Fertility: A Systematic Review

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The Economic Burden of Adults With Major Depressive Disorder in the United States (2005 and 2010)

In this much anticipated update to previous research, the authors estimate the cost of MDD for the most recent decade. They examine the impact of the recession and provide a comprehensive picture of the added economic burden of depression resulting from physical and psychiatric comorbidities.

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Now available, two decades of related cost research focusing on the burden of depression from Greenberg and colleagues.

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Antidepressant Use and Lifetime History of Mental Disorders in a Community Sample: Results From the Baltimore Epidemiologic Catchment Area Study

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Barriers to Care for Hispanic Adults With ADHD

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Making the Link Between Science and Symptoms in Schizophrenia

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Longitudinal Perspectives: Understanding the Lifetime Course of Schizophrenia

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Update on Treatment-Resistant Depression: Translating Clinical Science Into Effective Therapies

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Special Sections

An Overview of Vortioxetine [FREE]

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The Role of NMDA Receptors in Schizophrenia [CME]

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Cultural Issues, Myths, Misinformation, and Health Care–Seeking Behaviors of Hispanic Patients With ADHD and Their Families [CME]

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Providing Guideline-Concordant Assessment and Monitoring for Major Depression in Primary Care [CME]

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Depression: Managing the Full Range of Symptoms to Achieve Lasting Remission

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