Boarding Time: The Psychiatry Candidate’s New Guide to Part II of the ABPN Examination,3rd ed

Howard S. Sudak, MD

Published: July 1, 2004

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This book was new to me and I was surprised by how helpful it was. I had no such how-to-do-it guides available to me when I took the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) examination in 1966, but it would have been comforting to have such a sage companion escort me through the process. Ironically, I was in the process of reviewing this book while serving as a senior examiner during a recent Part II Board examination(Boston, May 2004) and, reading it during some breaks, was impressed with the number of my team’s examiners who spontaneously told me that they had used this book and found it extraordinarily helpful when they took the Boards.

Volume: 65

Quick Links: Assessment Methods , Education

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