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Letter to the Editor

Chilaiditi Syndrome-Associated Schizophrenia: 3 Case Reports

Tsuyoshi Miyaoka, Haruo Seno, Motoi Itoga, Ryutaro Ohshiro, Takuji Inagaki, Jun Horiguchi, and Hisayuki Tachibana

Published: January 1, 2001

Article Abstract

Letter to the Editor

Sir: Hepatodiaphragmatic interposition of the colon is an uncommon, usually asymptomatic, and typically incidental radiographic finding. In 1910, Viennese radiologist Demetrius Chilaiditi described 3 clinical cases with radiographic findings; the syndrome now bears his name. The majority of these patients are without symptoms; however, abdominal pain, distention, vomiting, anorexia, and constipation are known clinical presentations of Chilaiditi syndrome. Although it was suggested that this condition has a higher rate of incidence in patients hospitalized for psychosis and mentally retarded patients than in other individuals, there has been only 1 authoritative article to promote the knowledge of this syndrome in the domain of psychiatry. Here, we report 3 schizophrenic patients whose radiographs showed the signs of this syndrome, and we discuss the clinical significance of this syndrome in psychiatry.

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Volume: 62

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