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Letter to the Editor

Corrections: January 2010

Maria A. de Mathis, PhD

Published: January 15, 2010


In the article “Olanzapine-Divalproex Combination Versus Divalproex Monotherapy in the Treatment of Bipolar Mixed Episodes: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study” by John P. Houston, MD, PhD, and colleagues in the November 2009 issue (J Clin Psychiatry 2009;70[11]:1540-1547), the vertical axis scale for Figure 2B on page 1543 was incorrect. The scale should be
0 to −16.

In the Brainstorms feature “Combining Antidepressant Therapies From the Initiation of Treatment: A Paradigm Shift for Major Depression” by Stephen M. Stahl, MD, PhD, in the
November 2009 issue (J Clin Psychiatry 2009;70[11]:1493-1494), references 13 and 14 should have been transposed. The correct reference 13 is the article by Stahl, and the correct reference 14 is the article by Resler et al.

The online articles at have been corrected.

Volume: 71

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