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Letters To the Editor

Differential Modulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid Neurotrophins in Patients With Atopic Dermatitis Who Attempted Suicide

Hajime Kimata, MD, PhD

Published: September 15, 2005

Article Abstract

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Sir: Controversy exists regarding the relationship that levelsof neurotrophins in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or brain have withdepression and/or suicide. Hock et al.1 state that neurotrophin-3(NT-3) expression is elevated in elderly patients with depression,whereas Dwivedi et al.2 report that messenger RNA levels ofbrain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) were found, in postmortemexaminations, to be reduced in the brains of adults whocommitted suicide. On the other hand, Hadjiconstantinou et al.3state that plasma nerve growth factor (NGF) levels are elevatedin depressed subjects.’ ‹’ ‹

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Volume: 66

Quick Links: Depression (MDD) , Suicide

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