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Book Review

Integration in Psychotherapy: Models and Methods

Ilisse R. Perlmutter, MD

Published: May 1, 2004

Article Abstract

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In today’s rapidly expanding world of psychiatric knowledge, hardly a day passes without discussion of some new psychotropic agent. Research presses forward with urgency, the goals of eradicating, or at least keeping at bay, debilitating psychiatric symptoms stemming from an openness about psychiatric illness that didn’ t exist years ago. But as clinicians whose “raison d’ etre" is to understand the meaning of human behavior and whose goal is to help troubled individuals effect meaningful life changes, it is crucial for us to also explore the various psychotherapies that enable our patients to make these changes. This book reminds us that "all therapies rely on a purposeful collaboration between patient and therapist" (p.13).

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Volume: 65

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