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JCP’s Circle of Honor and Peer Reviewers 2011

Alan J. Gelenberg, MD, and Marlene P. Freeman, MD

Published: January 15, 2012

JCP’s Circle of Honor and Peer Reviewers

The journal review process is part of the rich history of information exchange in medicine and science. Increasingly, peer review occurs electronically, but the essence of medical journals remains the same. We are the nexus between scientific discovery and its application at the “bedside.” This flow of knowledge is vital to the practice of evidence-based medicine and to the “end users,” our patients. Regardless of the technology, the process requires an altruistic cohort of dedicated colleagues, who donate their time and talent to vet submitted papers. At JCP, we value our peer reviewers, who work diligently and anonymously to ensure we publish high-quality papers that will impact our field, advance science incrementally, and, most importantly, benefit patients. We are grateful for their dedication to this journal, especially as demands on their time grow. We sincerely thank everyone who has reviewed for us over the past year, and our deepest gratitude goes to the men and women in JCP‘s Circle of Honor, who have gone above and beyond in the quality and quantity of their reviews for our journal.

Alan J. Gelenberg, MD

Marlene P. Freeman, MD

Figure 1

David C. Emelity, MD

Scott A. Freeman, MD

Joseph F. Goldberg, MD

John H. Greist, MD

Robert M. A. Hirschfeld, MD

James W. Jefferson, MD

James H. Kocsis, MD

Mario Maj, MD

Roger E. Meyer, MD

Maria A. Oquendo, MD

Michael K. Popkin, MD

Barbara O. Rothbaum, PhD

Anthony J. Rothschild, MD

Erika Saunders, MD

Mark Zimmerman, MD

Reviewers for The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
December 2, 2010—December 1, 2011

James Abelson, MD, PhD

Donald E. N. Addington, MBBS, MRCPsych

Lenard A. Adler, MD

Adekola O. Alao, MD

Gene E. Alexander, PhD

Christer Allgulander, MD

David B. Allison, PhD

Jonathan E. Alpert, MD, PhD

Joseph S. Alpert, MD

Jose Ma. J. Alvir, DrPH

Chittaranjan Andrade, MD

Ole A. Andreassen, MD, PhD

Ana C. Andreazza, PhD

Jules Angst, MD

Brigitte Apfel, MD, PhD

Alan Apter, MD

Alejandro Arana, MD, MPH

Roseanne Armitage, MD

Bruce A. Arnow, PhD

Joan Asarnow, PhD

Eugene F. Augusterfer, MSW

Catherine L. Bagwell, PhD

Ya Mei Bai, MD, PhD

Maarten Bak, MD

Dewleen G. Baker, MD

Richard Balon, MD

Jacques P. Barber, PhD

Corrado Barbui, MD

Edward D. Barker, PhD

Mark S. Bauer, MD

Andreas Bechdolf, MD

Daniel Begel, MD

Joe Beitchman, MD, MPH

Susanne Bejerot, MD, PhD

Donna S. Bender, PhD

Menachem Ben-Ezra, PhD

Michael Berk, PhD

Gail Bernstein, MD

Cynthia L. Bethea, PhD

Kerstin Bettermann, MD, PhD

Lucy Biddle, PhD

Joseph Biederman, MD

Tom K. Birkenhager, MD, PhD

Edward O. Bixler, PhD

Donald W. Black, MD

Carlos Blanco, MD, PhD

Hilario Blasco-Fontecilla, MD, PhD

Pierre Blier, MD, PhD

Michael Bloch, MD

Joshua Blume, MD

William V. Bobo, MD, MPH

Douglas L. Boggs, PharmD

James M. Bolton, MD

Richard Bootzin, PhD

Robert Bossarte, PhD

Jeffrey Bostic, MD

Laura S. Boylan, MD

Anna R. Brandon, PhD

Nicholas J. Breitborde, PhD

John C. S. Breitner, MD

Thomas E. Brown, PhD

Robert W. Buchanan, MD

Peter F. Buckley, MD

Oscar G. Bukstein, MD, MPH

Nancy Byatt, DO, MBA

Alexander Bystritsky, MD

Susan L. Calhoun, PhD

Bruce Capehart, MD, MBA

Julie Carbray, PhD

Stanley N. Caroff, MD

Linda L. Carpenter, MD

William T. Carpenter, MD

Bernard J. Carroll, MBBS, PhD

Richard J. Caselli, MD

Madeline A. Chadehumbe, MD

Trina Chang, MD, MPH

Chih-Ken Chen, MD, PhD

Vernon M. Chinchilli, PhD

Yuan-Hwa Chou, MD, PhD

Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, PhD

Paula J. Clayton, MD

Christine A. Conelea, PhD

William Copeland, PhD

Christoph U. Correll, MD

Emmanuelle Corruble, MD, PhD

William H. Coryell, MD

Ciro Costagliola, MD

Bruce M. Coull, MD

Philippe Courtet, MD, PhD

Lirio S. Covey, PhD

Philip J. Cowen, MD

Mark Creamer, PhD

Paul E. Croarkin, DO

Cristina Cusin, MD

Stephen R. Dager, MD

James Dalen, MD, MPH

Mary Dallman, PhD

Jonathan R. T. Davidson, MD

John M. Davis, MD

Melinda F. Davis, PhD

Thompson E. Davis, III, PhD

Marc De Hert, MD, PhD

Sandra DeJong, MD

Kristina M. Deligiannidis, MD

Diana L. Dell, MD

Mark A. Demitrack, MD

Harold J. DeMonaco, MS, RPh

Michael J. Detke, MD, PhD

Martina de Zwaan, MD

Sona Dimidjian, PhD

Nagafumi Doi, MD, PhD

Alexandre Y. Dombrovski, MD

Antonia Domingo-Salvany, MD, PhD

Stephen J. Donovan, MD

Darin D. Dougherty, MD

Kathleen C. Dougherty, MD

David W. Dunn, MD

David L. Dunner, MD

Linda S. Durst, MD

Willie Earley, MD

Jason Elias, PhD

Kathryn Elkins, MD

Rif S. El-Mallakh, MD

Robin Emsley, MD

Graham J. Emslie, MD

Kathryn Erickson, MD, PhD

Annette Erlangsen, PhD

Michelle L. Esterberg, MPH, MA

Mahyar Etminan, PharmD, MSc

Denis A. Evans, MD

Marian Evatt, MD

Giovanni A. Fava, MD

Maurizio Fava, MD

Max Fink, MD

Michael First, MD

Paul B. Fitzgerald, PhD

Alice Flaherty, MD, PhD

Heather A. Flynn, PhD

Regan Fong, PhD

Gary D. Foster, PhD

Konstantinos N. Fountoulakis, MD, PhD

Renerio Fraguas, MD

Ellen Frank, PhD

Jennifer Freeman, PhD

Oliver Freudenreich, MD

Paul Frewen, PhD

Matthew J. Friedman, MD, PhD

Susan H. Friedman, MD

Mary A. Fristad, PhD

Thomas Frodl, MD

Randy O. Frost, PhD

George Fulop, MD, MS

Abby J. Fyer, MD

Glen O. Gabbard, MD

Prashant Gajwani, MD

Cathryn A. Galanter, MD

Hanga C. Galfalvy, PhD

David Gardner, PharmD

Bradley Gaynes, MD, MPH

Yonas Geda, MD

Stephen Geisler, MD

Edward Gentile, DO, MBA

Elliot S. Gershon, MD

Berthold Gersons, PhD

Nassir Ghaemi, MD, MPH

Samiran Ghosh, PhD

Harinder S. Ghuman, MD

Alison M. Gilbert, PhD

Mark W. Gilbertson, PhD

William M. Glazer, MD

Ira D. Glick, MD

Donald C. Goff, MD

Morris Goldman, MD

Karl Goodkin, MD, PhD

David W. Goodman, MD

Janice Goodman, PhD, RN

Marianne S. Goodman, MD

Wayne K. Goodman, MD

Guy M. Goodwin, MD

Angela Gorman, PhD

Jack M. Gorman, MD

Marco A. Grados, MD

Bridget F. Grant, MD, PhD

Jon E. Grant, JD, MD

Michael F. Green, PhD

Benjamin D. Greenberg, MD, PhD

Bernard I. Grosser, MD

Sandeep Grover, MD

Vito S. Guerra, PhD

Christian Guillamault, MD, BiolD

John G. Gunderson, MD

Ronald J. Gurrera, MD

Donald Guthrie, PhD

Lisa P. Gwyther, MSW, LCSW

Angelos Halaris, MD, PhD

Jerry L. Halverson, MD

Ahmad Hameed, MD

Margaret Haney, PhD

Benjamin L. Hankin, PhD

Philip D. Harvey, PhD

Steven C. Hayes, PhD

Tamara Hayes, PhD

Anne M. Herring, PhD

Joseph R. Hibbeln, MD

Jolene M. Hillwig-Garcia, MD

Astrid A. Hoberg, DNP, PMHCNS-BC

Richard E. Hodgson, MD

Elizabeth A. Hoge, MD

Tomas Hokfelt, MD, PhD

Laura Hollar-Wilt, MD

Steven D. Hollon, PhD

William G. Honer, MD

James I. Hudson, MD, ScD

Beth Hurt, PhD

Daniel C. Javitt, MD, PhD

Rachel Jenkins, MD

Hua Jin, MD

Sterling Johnson, PhD

Neil Jordan, PhD

Aimee Kaempf, MD

Vivian Kafantaris, MD

John M. Kane, MD

Maher Karam-Hage, MD

Siegfried Kasper, MD, PhD

David J. Katzelnick, MD

John Keilp, PhD

Arif Khan, MD

Ni A. Khin, MD

Khurshid A. Khurshid, MD

Amy M. Kilbourne, PhD, MPH

Deborah R. Kim, MD

Bruce J. Kinon, MD

Steven Kisely, MD, MSC

Taro Kishi, MD, PhD

Daniel Klein, PhD

William M. Klykylo, MD

Penelope K. Knapp, MD

Kenneth A. Kobak, PhD

Scott H. Kollins, PhD

Lili C. Kopala, MD

Lorrin M. Koran, MD

Gideon Koren, MD

Susan G. Kornstein, MD

Robert A. Kowatch, MD

Helena C. Kraemer, PhD

Julie Kreyenbuhl, PhD, PharmD

John H. Krystal, MD

Rebecca Kuepper, PhD

Maarten J. J. Kunst, PhD

Ralph Kupka, MD, PhD

Malcolm Lader, MD

Adrienne Lahti, MD

Mei-Shu Lai, MD, PhD

Hsien-Yuan Lane, MD, PhD

Richard Lane, MD, PhD

John Lavigne, PhD

David Lawrence, PhD

Philip Lazarus, PhD

Marion Leboyer, MD, PhD

Joseph Lee, PhD

Hoyle Leigh, MD

Todd Lencz, PhD

Andrew C. Leon, PhD

Douglas L. Leslie, PhD

Stefan Leucht, MD

Frances Rudnick Levin, MD

Martha P. Levine, MD

Hani Levkovitz-Verbin, MD

Kenneth N. Levy, PhD

Adam B. Lewin, PhD

Michael Lewis, PhD

Stephen F. Lewis, MD

Alfred J. Lewy, MD, PhD

Karen M. Lommel, MD, DO

Roy H. Lubit, MD, PhD

Shari Lusskin, MD

R. Bruce Lydiard, MD, PhD

Gholson Lyon, MD, PhD

Rathi Mahendran, MBBS, MMed

Mark Mahowald, MD

Fauzia Mahr, MD

Pauline Maki, PhD

Anthony Mancini, PhD

Christina Mangurian, MD

J. John Mann, MD

Theo C. Manschreck, MD

Peter Manu, MD

Alice Mao, MD

John C. Markowitz, MD

Rocí­o Martí­n-Santos, MD

Steven Marwaha, MSc

Carrie Masia-Waner, PhD

Greg W. Mattingly, MD

Jon M. McClellan, MD

Susan L. McElroy, MD

Joseph P. McEvoy, MD

James J. McGough, MD

Susan R. McGurk, PhD

Robert McNamera, MD, PhD

André Mégarbané, MD, PhD

Thomas A. Mellman, MD

Herbert Y. Meltzer, MD

Mark Mennemeier, PhD

Evelyn Mentari, MD, MS

Barnett S. Meyers, MD

Jamie Micco, PhD

Robert J. Miceli, PhD

David Michalec, PhD

Robert Michels, MD

Snezana Milanovic, MD, MSc

William P. Milchak, LCSW

Alexander L. Miller, MD

Barbara L. Milrod, MD

Colter Mitchell, PhD

James E. Mitchell, MD

Gerry G. Moeller, MD

Jennifer R. Molano, MD

Jose Montaner, MD

Erwin B. Montgomery, Jr, MD

Stuart A. Montgomery, MD, PhD

Francisco A. Moreno, MD

Megan Moreno, MD

Bernard M. Morenz, III, MD

Chad D. Morris, PhD

Eric D. Morse, MD

David A. Mrazek, MD

Kim T. Mueser, PhD

James C. Mundt, PhD

Trine Munk-Olsen, PhD

Michael J. Murray, MD

J. Craig Nelson, MD

Charles B. Nemeroff, MD, PhD

Andrew A. Nierenberg, MD

Willem A. Nolen, MD

Grayson S. Norquist, MD, MSPH

Carol S. North, MD

Daniel Notterman, MD

Andrei Novak, MD

Nicole Nugent, PhD

H. George Nurnberg, MD

John I. Nurnberger, MD, PhD

Maurice M. Ohayon, MD, DSc, PhD

John M. Oldham, MD

Thomas H. Ollendick, PhD

Dost Ongur, MD, PhD

David N. Osser, MD

Michael W. Otto, PhD

Chi-Un Pae, MD

Rogerio Panizzutti, MD, PhD

George I. Papakostas, MD

Claire Paquet, PH, AP-HP

Joel Paris, MD

Gordon B. Parker, MD, PhD

Barbara Parry, MD

Carol Paton, BSc, DipClinPharm, MRPharmS, MCMHP

Kimberly H. Pearson, MD

Roy H. Perlis, MD, MSc

Christopher Petersen, MD

Amie Peterson, MD

Helen M. Pettinati, PhD

Lukas Pezawas, MD

Katharine A. Phillips, MD

Ronald W. Pies, MD

Roger K. Pitman, MD

Carmine Pizzi, MD

Mark H. Pollack, MD

Harrison G. Pope, MD

Anton P. Porsteinsson, MD

Maria J. Portella, PhD

Kelly Posner, PhD

Robert M. Post, MD

Steven G. Potkin, MD

Sheldon H. Preskorn, MD

Jefferson Bruce Prince, MD

Dee D. Quinn, MS

Mark H. Rapaport, MD

Steven Z. Rapcsak, MD

Mark Rapp, MD

Joseph J. Rasimas, MD, PhD

Murray A. Raskind, MD

Keith G. Rasmussen, MD

Patricia R. Recupero, MD, JD

Thomas Reichenbacher, MD

Eric M. Reiman, MD

Frederick W. Reimherr, MD

Gary J. Remington, MD, PhD

Michelle B. Riba, MD, MS

Karl Rickels, MD

Winfried Rief, PhD

Arthur E. Rifkin, MD

Sally Riggs, MPH, MSW

Michael Robertson, MB, BS, FRANZCP

Gail E. Robinson, MD

Jerrold F. Rosenbaum, MD

Robert A. Rosenheck, MD

Joe Ruzek, PhD

Neal D. Ryan, MD

Gary S. Sachs, MD

Floyd R. Sallee, MD, PhD

Ihsan M. Salloum, MD, MPH

Carl Salzman, MD

Jose M. Santiago, MD

Jerome Sarris, MHSc, BHSc, PhD

Norman Sartorius, MD

Theodore D. Satterthwaite, MD, MA

Silvio Scarone, MD

Serge Schneider, PhD

Nina R. Schooler, PhD

Edward Schweitzer, MD

David A. Sclar, BPharm, PhD

Zindel V. Segal, PhD

Steve Seiner, MD

Alessandro Serretti, MD

John H. Shale, MD, JD

Richard C. Shelton, MD

Michelle M. Sidor, PhD

Larry Siever, MD

Linmarie Sikich, MD

Gregory E. Simon, MD

Laura E. Simons, PhD

George M. Simpson, MD

Steven C. Sinderman, MD

Ravi Singareddy, MD

Samuel G. Siris, MD

Dorothy K. Y. Sit, MD

Andrew E. Skodol, MD

William H. Sledge, MD

Gary W. Small, MD

Robert C. Smith, MD, PhD

Shubulade Mary Smith, MRCPsych

Diane N. Solomon, MSN, CNM, PMHNP

Susan C. Sonne, PharmD

Thomas J. Spencer, MD

Theodore A. Stern, MD

Katie Stone, PhD

Eric A. Storch, PhD

Angela L. Stotts, PhD

Jon Streltzer, MD

Susanne Stübner, MD

Alan C. Swann, MD

Holly A. Swartz, MD

J. Robert Swenson, MD

Mieczyslaw Szyszkowicz, PhD

Yoichiro Takayanagi, MD, PhD

Rajiv Tandon, MD

David M. Taylor, PhD

J. Lynn Taylor, MD

Robert J. Temple, MD

Michael Terman, PhD

Gunvant K. Thaker, MD

Michael E. Thase, MD

Ole J. Thienhaus, MD

Howard Toff, MD

Mauricio Tohen, MD, DrPH

Leonardo Tondo, MD

Michael T. Treadway, MA

Peter J. Tyrer, MD

Eberhard H. Uhlenhuth, MD

Robert J. Valuck, PhD, RPh

Michael Van Ameringen, MD

Richard Van Rhoads, MD

Erica Veguilla, MD, MPH

Dawn I. Velligan, PhD

Alexandros Vgontzas, MD

Eduard Vieta, MD, PhD

Jennice S. Vilhauer, PhD

Mark Viron, MD

Don Voaklander, PhD

Jan Volavka, MD, PhD

Kent E. Vrana, PhD

Alan G. Wade, MB, ChB

Lynn C. Waelde, PhD

Christopher Wall, MD

Betty Wang, MD

Li Wang, PhD

Po W. Wang, MD

Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller, PhD

Peter J. Weiden, MD

Elaine Weiner, MD

Richard H. Weisler, MD

Noel S. Weiss, MD, DrPH

Roger D. Weiss, MD

Amy West, PhD

Thomas A. Widiger, PhD

Katherine V. Wild, PhD

Sabine Wilhelm, PhD

Janet B. W. Williams, PhD

Brooks Wingo, PhD

John W. Winkelman, MD, PhD

Donna A. Wirshing, MD

Katherine L. Wisner, MD

Stephen R. Wisniewski, PhD

Joanne Wojcik, MS, CS

Chung-Hsuen Wu, PhD

Rongling Wu, PhD

Lex Wunderink, MD, PhD

Joel Yager, MD

Tomonori Yamanishi, MD

Kazim M. Yazici, MD

Peter Yellowlees, MD

Eric A. Youngstrom, PhD

Carlos A. Zarate, Jr, MD

Gwen L. Zornberg, MD, ScD

Christie Zunker, PhD

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