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Letter to the Editor

It Looks Like “Bradyphylaxis” to Me

James W. Jefferson, MD

Published: August 15, 2005

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Sir: I call to your attention that the combining form tachymeansswift or rapid and that tachyphylaxis has been defined asa "rapidly decreasing response to a drug or physiologically activeagent after administration of a few doses."1(p1656)That led me to question the use of the term tachyphylaxis bySolomon et al., in their recent article, to describe "recurrencesof major depression despite maintenance pharmacotherapy,"2(p283)especially since the median time to recurrence was 31 weeks—hardly "tachy." Admittedly, poop-out leaves something to bedesired as a way of communicating among professionals, butrather than distorting the meaning of tachyphylaxis, perhapsbradyphylaxis would be the better term. Ferrier3 made the samepoint a few years ago, but no one seemed to be listening.’ ‹

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