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Book Review

Psychiatry, Psychonanalysis, and the New Biology of the Mind

Ronald M. Salomon, MD

Published: January 16, 2006

Article Abstract

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Paths of outstanding researchers taking an innovative approach to difficult scientific problems are always a treat— especially so for explorers of the mind when the problem at hand is how the mind learns, and the path stretches the entire length and breadth of the fabric that defines psychiatry. Each of us finds, in every clinical encounter, a rich history folded into consciously and unconsciously stored memories, and from that trove we guide patients to discover the memorized connections that control their neuroses. This Nobel laureate’s scientific path through the structures of the mind intrigues, entices, and rewards the explorer-reader much as clinical complexities of the mind demand our attention and draw patients to make changes.’ ‹

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Volume: 67

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