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Letter to the Editor

Reply to “Reexamining Paroxetine and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Shaila Misri, MD; Pratibha Reebye, MD; Maria Corral, MD; and Lisa Milis, BA

Published: November 15, 2005

Article Abstract

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Sir: We appreciate the response of Ms. McClendon to our articleon paroxetine and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) inthe treatment of comorbid postpartum depression and anxiety.We agree that our findings are from women with severe comorbiddepression and anxiety, as indicated by their Hamilton RatingScale for Depression and Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxietyscores at baseline, and are therefore representative of only thisselect population. Due to the relative lack of research on theclinical effectiveness of combined pharmacologic and psychologicalinterventions for postpartum depression and anxiety, theprimary aim of the study was to provide readers with preliminaryinformation on this subject taken from a select sampletreated at a tertiary hospital outpatient clinic.’ ‹

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Volume: 66

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