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Letter to the Editor

Suicidal Risk During Antidepressant Treatment

Ross J. Baldessarini, MD

Published: May 15, 2011

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Suicidal Risk During Antidepressant Treatment

To the Editor: The recent report by Stübner and colleagues1 of a large clinical survey of over 142,000 European patients treated with various antidepressants from 1993-2008 concluded that antidepressant treatment may, rarely, increase risks of suicidal behavior. The rate of suicide was 3/142,090 in an unspecified exposure time, or 2.1/100,000, and for suicide attempts, 18/142,090, or 12.7/100,000.

The risk-ratio of 6.0 attempts/suicide in patients treated with antidepressants (presumably diagnosed with depressive or anxiety disorders) accords with comparable findings among patients with DSM-IV major depression under various conditions of treatment.2 However, the observed suicide rate (2.1/100,000) is far lower than expected in clinical samples (approximately 50/100,000/year among patients with major depressive disorder2) and lower even than the annual suicide rate in the international general population (approximately 15/100,0003). Despite the limited number of suicide-related adverse events and associated lack of statistical power, these considerations may suggest that antidepressant treatment was associated with a lower risk of suicides and attempts, particularly if the rates remain much lower than expected when adjusted for exposure time.

Finally, the rates of identified suicidal ideation (12/142,090 = 8.4/100,000) were lower than the rate for suicide attempts (12.7/100,000). This result suggests that suicidal ideation may not be reliably ascertained in such studies of reported adverse events, again indicating that the nonspecific term suicidality may sometimes be misleading.4


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Ross J. Baldessarini, MD

Author affiliation: Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. Potential conflicts of interest: The author and his family have no current financial relationships with pharmaceutical or biomedical corporations. Funding/support: Supported, in part, by a grant from the Bruce J. Anderson Foundation and by the McLean Private Donors Psychopharmacology Research Fund.

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