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Rat lungworm invades Atlanta, posing a new public health threat as it creeps across the southern United States.
A Nature study uses immunology to crack the code on Long COVID.
Empaths can transform their sensitivities into significant assets by fine-tuning and controlling their emotions.
intranasal ketamine
PCC has published new research that examines the relationship between psilocybin and brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine.
The Florida State University study reveals that aspartame may have negative effects on memory and cognitive abilities in mice, with potential hereditary implications.
A nine-year UK Biobank study identifies seven habits that can reduce depression risk by 57%.
In his new book, Richard Brockman, MD discusses how his career in psychiatry has been deeply influenced by his own mother's suicide.
MDMA-assisted therapy could be a significant new treatment option for moderate-to-severe PTSD.