Love Must Be Tough: Proven Hope for Families in Crisis

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Love Must Be Tough: Proven Hope for Families in Crisis is a layman’s text on dealing with relationships in crisis. The author states that when a spouse strays, loses interest in his or her partner, or develops destructive habits that harm the bond between the partners, the most productive course is for the wounded party to act decisively to stop the disrespectful acts instead of engaging in passive behavior. The author feels that to effectively save a relationship the wounded party must clarify that the undesired behavior will result in the termination of the relationship. This willingness to end a relationship is the very essence of freedom and independence. The concept of 2 individuals working together for the benefit of the other is at the heart of a good relationship, and when the balance of power switches so that one person has undue control, the potential for abuse of that power becomes imminent.​

Prim Care Companion J Clin Psychiatry 2000;2(6):229