COVID Depression

The pandemic’s impact on mental health has been substantial. These physicians and patients share their professional and personal experiences.

Long Hauler Case Report

Drew Ramsey, MD discusses the experience of one woman with living as a COVID long hauler and how the virus impacted her mental and physical health.

COVID effect on mental health

In this series, Jessi Gold, MD explains the unprecedented challenges COVID has created for each and every one of us.

Living with Long COVID

Shelby Hedgecock shares her personal experience with long COVID, the lasting cognitive, neurologic, and cardiac symptoms following a COVID-19 infection.

Effect on Mental Health

A neurologist and psychiatrist discuss the mental health impacts of burnout, trauma, and depression experienced by physicians and healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, about 4 in 10 US adults* have reported depression and/or anxiety symptoms, a 75% increase from 1 in 10 adults in the first half of 2019. The drastic mental health burden of living through a global pandemic has been spurred by school and office closures, job loss or even burnout, financial instability, not to mention compounding grief, loneliness, and even a bit too much togetherness. It’s been a lot and too much for everyone.

In this COVID Depression series, you’ll hear from frontline physicians, expert psychiatrists, and COVID long haul survivors. Each episode presents new perspectives on the challenges faced and overcome (and in some cases, still being navigated).

Contrary to the established stigma of mental health in the US, the mental health implications brought on by the pandemic need to be discussed openly, honestly, and frequently. No one is alone in this very unique, shared, and life-changing experience.




Drew Ramsey, MD

Drew Ramsey, M.D. is a psychiatrist, one of psychiatry’s leading proponents of Nutritional Psychiatry, and author of Eat To Beat Depression and Anxiety (HarperWave 2021). He is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He founded the Brain Food Clinic in New York City, offering treatment and consultation for depression, anxiety, and emotional wellness concerns.

Jessie Gold, MD, MS

Jessica (“Jessi”) Gold, MD, MS, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine, specializing in college mental health, medical education, and physician wellness. She writes regularly for the popular press about mental health, stigma, and medical training.

Farah Fourcand, MD

Dr. Farah is a Tylenol Future Care Scholar, Gold Humanism Honors Society Inductee, American Academy of Neurology Prize for Excellence Recipient, and published author in medical journals. She is the first person to complete the NIH physician-scientist neurology program and is currently in the only combined stroke, neurocritical care, and neurointerventional surgery program in the country in New Jersey. She is the only woman on this track and recently completed her stroke specialty training. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Farah became part of a ‘COVID-19 Brain Team’ that treated ICU patients during the first wave of COVID-19 and spear-headed a COVID-19 clinical trial to protect frontline healthcare workers.