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Letter to the Editor

Shared Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in a Married Couple: A New Variant of Folie a Deux?

Evan M. Torch, MD

Published: October 15, 1996

Article Abstract

Letter to the Editor

Sir: Despite the paucity of cases, dozens of papers havebeen written on the uncommon diagnosis of folie í  deux. Perhapsone factor accounting for this interest is the rare inclusionof more than one person in a diagnosis and the fact thatin all cases of folie í  deux reviewed by the author, as well asin DSM-IV, patients are universally defined as delusional(shared psychotic disorder), often with bizarre content in thedelusions. No accounts of these patients with which the authoris familiar have included obsessive-compulsive disorderor for that matter any other nonpsychotic diagnosis.

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