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A Breakthrough in the Pharmacologic Management of Insomnia: Overview of the Clinical Profile of Zaleplon

Raymond Cluydts, PhD

Published: April 18, 2002

Article Abstract

Insomnia is associated with an increase in the risk of depression and accidents and in utilization of health care and also a decrease in cognition, productivity, and quality of life. The need is evident for an advanced sleep medication that acts quickly, produces no next-day residual effects, and avoids the development of withdrawal effects. Zaleplon is a novel sleep medication that rapidly induces sleep with minimal residual sedation or impairment of psychomotor and cognitive skills. The unique characteristics of zaleplon are believed to be related to a combination of its low receptor-binding affinity and its rapid elimination. Accordingly, studies have shown that zaleplon can be safe and effective for sleep induction whether taken at bedtime or during the night, which makes zaleplon a distinctly versatile tool for the pharmacologic management of insomnia.

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