Q: How do I contact the Circulation Department?

A: Our contact information is below:

Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc.
PO Box 752870
Memphis, TN 38175-2870

Important: We are asking all clients to use electronic delivery methods to submit any information or documents needed in support of our service to you. Please do not provide information using physical mail as we may not be able to retrieve it during this time.


Phone Inquiries: (901) 273-2705
Fax: (901) 273-2737
E-mail: circulation@psychiatrist.com

Q: How can I obtain usage statistics for my institution?

A: Usage data is available at The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Library Service Center at http://www.psychiatristreports.com. To retrieve reports for your institution, you will need your username and password to log in to the service. They will be provided to you when you order your subscription. If you forget it, contact us at usagehelp@psychiatrist.com to obtain your username and password.

Further disclaimers and information:

  • International rates listed include Canada and Mexico.
  • All orders subject to acceptance by Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc.

Q: What form does an acceptable IP address or range come in?

A: IP addresses always include 4 groups of numbers called octets, separated by a period ( . ). Each group may include up to 3 digits, and can range from 0 to 255. For example, The placement of the period is important to the integrity of the IP address.

Use a hyphen ( – ) to indicate ranges.

  • Example:

To indicate that you are using all available numbers for a particular group, you may use an asterisk ( * )

  • Example: 192.192.192.* is equivalent to

If you use an asterisk in the third octet, you must use an asterisk in the fourth octet as well:

  • 192.192.*.* (valid)
  • 192.192.*.4 (not valid).

Our system does not accept ranges in more than one octet.

  • Example: 192.192.1-2.94-108 (not valid)
  • Instead, in this case, you should submit two ranges:

Q: What if my institution’s issues are mailed to a U.S. address for forwarding to my end location outside the U.S.? Can my institution still gain online access?

A: We will gladly set up online access for these types of subscribers. However, we must have the end-user’s information, including full street address, IP addresses, and a contact name and e-mail address so that our records will be complete and we may better serve you.

Q: How does an institution gain online access?Q: How does an institution gain online access?

A: Institutions gain access by IP authentication. Username/password authentication is also available; however, it is not recommended. IP addresses should be submitted with your subscription order. We will also need the name and e-mail address of the person who will act as your account administrator. This person will have the authority to make changes to IP addresses by contacting our circulation department at subscriptions@psychiatrist.com. Note: It is the institution’s responsibility to monitor website usage. The Publisher is not responsible for online user’s transactions, correspondence, orders, and general usage if the user accesses the Publisher’s website (or other site) based on the institutional subscriber’s access information for The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Q: Why can’t an institution place an order online?

A: Because institutional subscriptions require different processing methods than individual subscriptions, we are unable to offer online ordering for our institutional subscribers. They may submit orders by postal mail, e-mail to subscriptions@psychiatrist.com, or fax. 901-273-2747. (Publisher may need to contact the institution for additional information before the order can be fully processed.)

Q: What is considered an Institution?

A: An institution is, for the most part, an organizational unit at a localized site. An institutional subscriber may be a library, university or other training facility, a medical facility such as a hospital, and others as defined by the Publisher. For print subscriptions, each campus, satellite office, branch, or division is considered to be a separate unit and each must have its own subscription. For information about online subscriptions for institutions, please contact subscriptions@psychiatrist.com.