Q: What form does an acceptable IP address or range come in?

A: IP addresses always include 4 groups of numbers called octets, separated by a period ( . ). Each group may include up to 3 digits, and can range from 0 to 255. For example, The placement of the period is important to the integrity of the IP address.

Use a hyphen ( – ) to indicate ranges.

  • Example:

To indicate that you are using all available numbers for a particular group, you may use an asterisk ( * )

  • Example: 192.192.192.* is equivalent to

If you use an asterisk in the third octet, you must use an asterisk in the fourth octet as well:

  • 192.192.*.* (valid)
  • 192.192.*.4 (not valid).

Our system does not accept ranges in more than one octet.

  • Example: 192.192.1-2.94-108 (not valid)
  • Instead, in this case, you should submit two ranges: