How to Use Twitter During the ASCP Annual Conference

by Liz Neporent
May 30, 2023 at 8:15 AM UTC

ASCP annual meeting on twitter

Clinical Relevance: Twitter is the most efficient way to stay informed about the ASCP annual meeting

  • Twitter provides real-time updates and key highlights from the ASCP Annual Meeting.
  • Following hashtags and influencers on Twitter highlights valuable, curated content and provides networking opportunities.
  • Tweeting and engaging on Twitter allows virtual participation that fosters discussions beyond the physical boundaries of the ASCP conference.


The ASCP Annual Meeting is the premier gathering in the field of psychopharmacology. It brings together experts from academia, the NIH, FDA, European regulatory agencies, and the industry at-large to discuss important topics like diagnostic changes and personalized interventions. 

The meeting attracts more than 1200 attendees. But even if you can’t be there in person, Twitter provides a means to “attend” the conference virtually and stay connected.

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If It Happens, It Happens On Twitter

Nothing compares to Twitter’s speed and immediacy, making it an ideal platform for spreading ideas and information from the conference. Even before the pandemic, Twitter emerged as a valuable tool for medical meetings. 

Participants can quickly share efficient updates via tweet. They can offer key highlights, and significant findings in real time to spark discussions, collaborations that extend beyond the physical boundaries of the venue. Tweeting also encourages networking and engagement with old and new contacts. 

One of the best ways to know everything that’s going on at the ASCP conference is to track it on Twitter.

Follow the ASCP Conference

Never used Twitter before to monitor a conference? It’s easy.

Open up the Twitter app, go to the search box at the top of your screen and type in the official conference hashtags, #ASCP2023 and #ASCPAnnualMeeting. This will gather all of the tweets that include the hashtag and filter them into a neat list. You can toggle to the tab that either presents tweets chronologically, by the topmost “engaged,” or most popular tweets first.

Tweet from the #ASCP2023 conference.

When you tweet about the conference, include that hashtag along with your thoughts. With permission from the presenter, you can tweet out images of slides and even snippets of video.

If you’re at the ASCP Annual Meeting, scrolling Twitter is a great way to zero in on the buzziest presentation, discuss a piece of research, or set up a get-together with colleagues. If you’re not in attendance, you can follow the various sessions as people who are there tweet out and add your thoughts to the conversation.

To refine a specific discussion further, consider using some “sub-hashtags.” To do this, append a hashtag upfront to the name of a study or another important keyword. Including those various tags in your tweet helps interested colleagues find the right conversation. 

For example, schizophrenia is one of the trending topics at #ASCP2023. Add the hashtag #schizophrenia to your search to see any tweets from the conference that discuss this topic.

Hashtag use at ASCP annual conference.

Consider also searching–or including in your own tweets–the hashtags #EMERGENT and #KarXT to discuss the phase 3 EMERGENT trial looking at the efficacy and safety of the drug combo KarXT. This study will be presented at the conference on Tuesday afternoon. 

Learn from the Influencers

You can also search for specific experts and organizations who actively tweet from or about the ASCP meeting. Their curated content is particularly valuable because they help sift through the vast amount of information presented, highlighting the most relevant and impactful content for their followers. 

Following top influencers provides a broader range of perspectives from experts who have a significant presence within psychopharmacology. They often provide additional resources, such as links to research papers, articles, that you might not find elsewhere, at least not so quickly. It’s also the perfect opportunity for intellectual exchange and community building. 

Again, for beginners: to see what influencers are saying, head back up to the search bar and type in their “handle,” which is their username with the “@” symbol in front of it. If you don’t know someone’s username, you can either google it or type in their full name into the Twitter search bar. If you want to make sure another user sees your tweets include their handle in your post. And when you hit the follow button, tweets from that account will automatically flow into your feed.

For comprehensive news and research updates from the ASCP conference, follow @ASCPorg and @PsychiatristCNS

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